Hidden gem in southern flank of Kyoto, Ujitawara

the birth place of japanese green tea
Uji-tawara, located on the southern flank of Kyoto, is the birthplace of Japanese green tea and continues to flourish as a tea production area.
On one hand the tea cannot be produced in mass quantities here because the Kyoto’s tea is cultivated on the valleys of mountains, where is not so vast. But the other hand this geographical future is suit for making fine-tasted tea. The mountains which block the direct sunlights from the tea tree contribute making smooth and beautiful green tea. In 2016, as well as in other years, our region won the prize of “the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries”.

photos about Uji-tawara

Tea field in Wazuka district

The famous tea fields in Wazuka district. It is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan.
wazuka green tea field

The location of Uji-tawara.

The main tea production area is southern part of Kyoto, south of Uji-tawara. It takes about 60min by car from downtown Kyoto to Uji-tawara. Actually there’s no train station aside from bus stop. But when you have a chance to come here, it would be grateful if you stop by at our shop! Let me know it beforehand!
map of ujitawara
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